In the Deadly Zoo project Bobso Architect worked together with D-Rashid on the single Donde Vas (latin village 2017 anthem)

Who is D-Rashid?

D-Rashid has been an icon in Dutch dance for years. With over 10 years of experience, his mission is to convey his enthusiasm for music to his audience with a smile. A blend of swirling house, sexy Latin and eclectic make sure nobody stays silent during his shows. During each performance, he puts his stamp on the show and leaves him an indelible impression at home and abroad. In addition, he is unaware of his own LatinVillage festival, sold out every year for 30,000 people and since 2015 the festival has also called a Eastville Festival.

Since D-Rashid ‘s Latin hitsingle “Brutality” in 2008, much has happened. Tracks with Blasterjaxx, releases on major international labels, and recently released songs with Childsplay and Lady Bee. For the future there are many more major collaborations to be expected. Ready to dance the soles of your shoes? D-Rashid is your man!

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