Kenny B

Bobso Architect worked with Kenny B on his smashing hit called  “Parijs” Bobso helped Kenny B doing the French words on the song.

Who’s Kenny B:

Kenneth Bron, a singer known as Kenny B, born in Paramaribo on November 1st, 1961, is a Surinamese Dutch singer, former military and peace negotiator. In the 1980s he served in the National Army of Suriname, including as a political commissioner.

Between 1989 and 1991 he conducted peace talks between the warring parties in the Interior War. Since 1991 he lives in the Netherlands and is a singer in the styles reggae and dancehall. He initially sang in Surinam and English and had a nummer 1 hit in Suriname. After his move to Dutch-speaking reggae, he achieved a number one hit in the Netherlands with his single Paris. After the parody, “Praat Amsterdams met me” on YouTube following a whole series of parodies on this song, like “Proat Dreents mit mie” or “Praat Rotterdams met me”.

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